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                海洋学院:Breeding management of sea water aqua-fish in Jeju Island, Korea

                报告题目:Breeding management of sea water aqua-fish in Jeju Island, Korea

                报告人:Young-Don Lee教授,韩国国立济州大学



                报告人简介:Dr. Young-Don Lee is a professor of Jeju National University. Dr. Young-Don Lee has published over 105 peer-reviewed papers and awarded Marquis Who’s Who in Science and Engineering 8th Edition, 2005-2006, in 2004, the American Medal of Honor of ABI, the International Peace Prize of UCC and the 2005 Top 100 Scientists Pinnacle of Achievement Award of IBC


                1990 PhD, Grad. School, Pukyong National University

                2002 Professor, Jeju National University

                2005-2008 Jeju lava water (underground sea water)project group leader,Jeju Special Self-Governing Province

                2007-2009 Corp. Jeju Bio-forum the first chief director

                2011-current Jeju Aquaculture breeding Assessment Center Leader, Jeju National University

                2013-current Head of GSP Red Spotted Grouper, Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Korea

                2016-2016 Korean society of developmental Biology president

                2016-current Head of The Korea Society for the Research of olive flounder


                Reproduction, Embryology, Histology of Marine Animals


                来源: 海洋学院 编辑: 刘桂清 责任人: